Doc Sunback Film Festival

Promoting All Genres of Independent Film

Ashley has worked with Doc Sunback since our 2016 season.  This lovely lady is as smart as she is funny.  We know most of our filmmakers and followers cannot attend our events, so Ashley does her best to keep you all up to date as to what we're working toward and what is happening with your films.  She keeps us all connected and informed as things are unfolding and works as a liason between those who are physically present and those that are on-line only. 

Sheri Kauffman-Marsh

Programming Director

Ashley Farber 

Marketing Director

Sheri is a founder of the Doc Sunback Film Festival.  She has been involved in film festival programming even before Doc Suback, beginning as a volunteer screener at other festivals.  In addition to watching every single film ever submitted to Doc Sunback (over 1,700 films) Sheri assists with programming at other well established film festivals throughout the Midwest.  She has a deep love for independent film and filmmakers.

Nancy Farber Mottola

Executive Director

Kenny is a founder of the Doc Sunback Film Festival.  In addition to providing technical support to the festival, he is an award winning filmmaker.  Kenny works hard throughout the year to bring a filmmaker's perspective to Doc Sunback, from the hospitality shown to the filmmakers to the explanation of work needed to create various shots and the validity of the filmmaker's voice.  Kenny is passionate about every voice being heard and represented.

Kenneth Linn

Technical Director

Nancy is a founder of the Doc Sunback Film Festival.  She is the driving force behind this annual event.  She was born in Kansas but has lived all over the US and spent years in Switzerland and Italy as well.  She is deeply involved in her local community, serves on several boards and committees in her beloved town.